Private Fees

The National Health Service does not cover some of the services provided by your Doctors.  Fees are charged for this work. A list of the charges can be found in the waiting room or on our website. See below for charges
Examples of private work are:
  • Sickness or accident insurance forms
  • Private healthcare forms
  • Holiday cancellation forms/fitness to travel certificates
  • HGV, sports, driving medicals.
  • Pre-Employment Medical
  • Elderly Driver
  • Passport Signature
  • Seatbelt Exemption
  • Certificate of Vaccination
Fees for non-NHS Services (Private Fees)  – June 2014
Payment is required PRIOR to releasing any documentation or carrying out any examination


 Private Sick note


 Passport Form/Photograph


 Driving Licence Photograph – Counter signed


 Fitness to Travel Certificate


 To Whom It May Concern Letter



 Sickness/Accident Insurance Benefit Claim Form


Holiday Cancellation Claim Form


Copies of Reports for Patient under Access to 

Health Records Act 1990 (maximum (£50)


Access to Records under Data Protection Act 

(computer printout)





 Pre-Employment medical questionnaires for:

Public Service Vehicles, Heavy Goods Vehicles, Racing Driving Fitness Certificate,  Fitness to Attend School, Seat Belt Exemption

(All of the above payment is required PRIOR to

administration and or examination)

Extract from records – no examination


Comprehensive examination and reports (30 minutes)